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About Us


Nucor is the largest steel and steel products producer in the U.S.  Its steelmaking capacity exceeds 27 million tons annually, with Indiana producing 2.44 million tons of that total.  Nucor is ranked 139th in the Fortune 500 list of America's largest companies and had more than $20 billion in revenue for 2020.  Nucor is the #1 recycler in North America.  Last year, Nucor recycled more than 20 million tons of steel nationwide. 

Nucor has more than 27,000 teammates working safety at over 300 operating facilities in North America. Indiana locations include plants in Crawfordsville, St. Joe (2 plants), Waterloo (2 plants), Madison, Greensburg, Indianapolis, Auburn and Mooresville.

Nucor has invested more than $200 million in Indiana since 2009 to modernize its facilities and contributes more than $170 million to the State of Indiana in annual payroll and taxes to local government taxing entities such as cities, counties and school districts. Under Nucor's incentive-pay system, all employees in the company have some of their total compensation connected to company performance. Over the last 3 years, the median pay for all Nucor teammates nationwide (not including the CEO) has averaged nearly $95,000 per year.


Nucor is a global leader in steelmaking sustainability. Nucor's greenhouse gas savings versus global average is the equivalent of replacing 4 million gas-powered cars with electric vehicles each year. The number of US households that could be powered for a year with the amount of energy Nucor saves annually is 3.8 million. Additionally, Nucor uses 98% less water than an average steel mill and they recycle at a rate of 70.9%.

Every Nucor teammate and their dependents are eligible to receive a $3,500-peryear- scholarship to college or vocational school. More than $100 million has been awarded nationwide since the program's inception in 1974.

Nathan Fraser
VP & General Manager
Nucor Steel Indiana
Mark VanDyken
General Manager
Nucor Building Systems
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