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R & R Engineering is located in Summitville (northern Madison County), Indiana. The company specializes in U-Bolts and threaded wire forms. Industries supplied are agricultural, automotive, trucking, industrial distribution, recreational vehicles and specialized applications.When the business started in 1969, R & R was advised “it does not matter what you decide to do, provided you find some way to become the very best at what you are  doing." Early on, they found customers needing a wire form with threads on one or both ends.

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They purchased a 1929 flat die roll threader. It worked well enough, but it caused the company to start looking for faster and better technology. They discovered a company that was building their first planetary threader, though it was only a prototype. R & R decided to purchase the second one and began to learn the process. Now, 50 years later R & R has become the largest, most competitive supplier of u-bolts and special fasteners in the USA. They compete with domestic and Asian sources based on cost, quality and delivery. R & R has the capacity to produce well over 200,000 threads per hour using its 90 high-speed automated planetary machines and needing fewer employees in production.

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